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A02 - Small Size Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lighting in Diversified Applications

A wide variety of extrusions to create a secure and aesthetically fixture and fit different applications such as backlighting, edge lighting, shelving, cabinets, furniture compartments, glass elements, walls, exhibitor stands, grooves, stair railways, stair steps, ceilings. Aluminum channels have numerous benefits that can help you to build innovative LED strip light projects at almost anywhere. It is 100 percent safe and convenient to install, containing zero hazardous material. This simple and perfect solution are provided to update your space-from cozy home to commercial projects. Almost every model of the aluminum extrusions comes with compatible accessory, including frosted lens, end caps and mounting clips. Frosted lens, along with end caps, protects the strip lights from dust and other undesirable elements that may shorten the lifespan of the light products. Mounting clips provides easy and secure installation of channels. You can also mount this light-weighted product by double sided adhesive tape.

* Made of anodized aluminum, with PC Lens in Milky White, widely used for LED Rigid Linear Light for diversified applications. * An LED strip can be installed in its interior hollow, giving the profile a double functionality with a high decorative load.‎ * This aluminum profile is in small/regular size, is recommended to use for making low power LED Rigid Strip Lighting System. * When with LED strip installed and with Lens covered on top, when lit on, it produces an smooth lighting effect. * With mounting accessories included, a complete system.

The whole led channel kit including:LED channel,cover,accesssoriesl including plastic,like end cap, and metal,such as suspension wire,metal clips etc.Shape of led channel both regular and irregular are including,such as the single layer or double layer U shape and V shape,or the round or abnormal shape.

The installation including ,flushbonading and hanging,surface mounted,including ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted types.

* About Length: Sold in Length: 1Meter (3.28Feet); Max Length: 3Meter (9.84Feet), if need 2Meter long please place order by the total lengths; Or if need other special lengths within 3Meters but can not exceed 2.5Meters, please contact us.

Those Aluminum Profiles are made with high quality aluminum and can accommodate LED strips that are 5/8/10/12/15/20/25 millimeters wide.

Customize LED Aluminum Channel

We can custom the Length & Style of the LED Aluminum Channel.
In our online store, we offer 1,2Meter versions, if you need certain lengths(Max. 3Meters) or style, just let us know your requirement or upload your drawing here, our specialist will follow up.

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