Why Your Wholesale Prices are So Low?

Because the prices on our platform are directly from our own factories or alliance factories. All prices are directly provided by factories, no intermediary business to add extra margins. LED-Lights.com makes no profit from products cost. We are a customer-centrist company that positions itself as assistance to help customers to buy the right product from our factory alliance.
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Why there is so big difference between Wholesale Prices and Retail Prices?



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Basing in ShenZhen, China, LED-Lights.com is aiming to bring the newest and best prices to all kinds of customer all over the world. The prices show online, the retail prices are for personal customers have a small need, while the wholesale prices are for business customers who are involving in the LED business.
The Prices are directly from the Chinese local manufacturers. As a manufacturer,  producing in a batch will help them get better prices in raw material, lower cost in operation, lower cost in labor, less waster, and less production time, so finally it leads to lower cost for wholesale orders with big quantity products need.

But even for retail prices, those prices are also much better than your local e-commerce retail platform, for our prices are directly given by factories!

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