Starting from the LED lighting online retail store, in the process of serving customers, we found that in addition to home users needing a small number of products to buy directly, there are more customers who work on projects and customers who are doing their own LED lighting business. There are bulk purchase requirements, and there is a great demand for more product categories and different price options for the same products.
More customers put forward some very professional issues, they not only buy a product, more need to provide professional technical support, and provide advice on the overall program.
As a manufacturer that has been immersed in the LED industry for more than 10 years, we have a professional sales team and a technical support team. We are fully capable and have been providing customers with corresponding services.
This is the original intention of the birth of our

LED-Lights.con started in 1999 and the platform is based in Shenzhen, the most concentrated industrial block in the global LED industry. Committed to providing the world's latest and comprehensive, most transparent LED lamps and LED display products. The platform unites professional terminal manufacturers in the industry and sorts and sorts the product information of each manufacturer and presents them in a complete and realistic manner. Let global customers have more direct access to more and more Chinese LED lighting and LED display terminal manufacturers. No middleman raises the price and saves the customer's inquiry time. The professional sales team and technical support team provide comprehensive solutions to customer issues, provide solutions, and train customers in the LED industry.