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Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED display Overview

Why the choice for transparent LED display? Select your like: Simple configuration, die casting aluminum texture, heat sink eliminated, ultra light body and so on. Transparent LED display, it's obviously the creative idea implied from its typical see-through, bright, shining, no shadow backing-hided, high refresh frequency, of all these properties will allow you to watch the image floating over the screen, looks like the screenshot is ready to escape from the screen in the second next.
As we have made a comparison to the traditional LED wall, it has a little innovation about displaying technology such as how to improve the transparency rate by its unique design - hollow out frame, reduce the blocking area from the visible range, maximize its perspective, so that the audience could stay away at a proper distance to enjoy the smooth video or image playing on transparent LED display. Transparent LED wall can be hanging outside or inside of the rooms, buildings, people can find them connecting to glass wall in the rooms and buildings, brand flagship store, holiday resort, autos retailer and so on.

Transparent LED display Property

With the evolvement of the transparent LED display in configuration, displaying technology, installation and after-service maintenance, product's characteristic, we can see its strength apparently and also shorts of performance to be improved.
Simple design of body frame at its maximization of transparency, this is presumably why we call it transparent LED property, and there are no brackets centralized and attached to the mainframe, hence it will be much helpful for installation and maintenance.
Rendering presentation, see-through body design, brightness to be enhanced, no shade to present the colorful images, eyeball-catching design of entity.
It could be applied for indoor installation, the mobile hasp and lock make it easy to assemble and operate. Each single LED panel is not fixed permanently, easy to make a replacement and maintenance of the damaged LED panel instead of the detachment of the whole transparent LED display.
Due to the LED lamps exposure and the transparency rate, protection level is able to be customized up to IP65, and pixel pitch can be minimized to 5.2mm referring to P5.2 transparent LED display screen.


Rigid Transparent LED Display Screen

Rigid Transparent LED Display Screen
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Flexible Transparent Display Screen

Flexible Transparent Display Screen
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Indoor Transparent Glass LED Display

Indoor Transparent Glass LED Display
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Outdoor Transparent Mesh LED Display

Outdoor Transparent Mesh LED Display
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After we've received the request of this project's info, we ought to confirm the overall solution for the below factors:
Project description:
a. What type of transparent LED display is going to be used and the exact size of the target project?
b. We need to provide the resolution both for in economy and performance displaying.
c. If the project's precaution methods are not finished, it will be resulting in the frustration to get the project promoted.
d. Once deployed to the detailed stuff, it means the burdens of work to be carried out step by step.
We can conclude the points for the project as the following instruction.
a. Confirm the installation location, this glass screen will be installed to cover the glass wall or to put behind the glass wall.
b. Transparent LED screen will cover the entire glass wall surface or for parts only to design for LED transparent screen, customer also need to confirm the exact location and size.
c. Our staff including sales rep, tech team and artwork will work together to make the professional recommendation like what version of transparent LED display panel for your options, transparent LED display for large scale to be customized will be quoted with the price per square meter, however, customer will receive the price info about the standard, even we know the customized transparent LED display will cost much more than the standard, it's about referring info for the determination.
d. If customers have no idea of what they are planning for, even they are thinking of the possibility of LED lights for lighting up in patterns instead of transparent LED display.
e. Customers are supposed to think of both the price and performance carefully.
Below steps we will introduce our work in details:
i. We will recommend the major product lists for option coming along with the price.
ii. Customer will start to know the project info and make a decision of an accept or an alteration, and will notice us to start the design, the design fee will be charged depended on the area, and the content of design includes the screen, electronic circuit, fire fighting, configuration and installation.
iii. Customer will decide of which solution to use.
iv. We will quote out based on the solution customer has accepted already.
v. After the payment has confirmed by the customer, we will launch the production.
vi. Customer will deploy and organize the installation of transparent LED display.