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Indoor Transparent Glass LED Display

*What is LED transparent screen? The transparent LED display, as the name suggests, is that the LED screen has the same properties of light passing through the glass. With a permeability of 50% to 90%, the panel thickness is only about 10 mm. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation methods. *The principle of transparent LED display screen is a micro-innovation of LED strip screen. The manufacturing process of the patch, the encapsulation of the lamp beads and the control system are improved. The hollow structure is added to reduce the obstruction of the structural parts to the line of sight and improve the transparency and lighting performance.
*High permeability, 50% to 90% penetration rate, which ensures the original lighting and perspective function of the glass curtain wall. *Light weight and small space occupation. The thickness of the main panel is only 10 mm, and the weight of the transparent screen is only x≤12 kg. *Installation is beautiful, low cost, without any steel structure, directly fixed on the glass curtain wall. *Unique display effect, transparent background, the broadcast advertising screen gives people the feeling of suspending on the glass curtain wall *Maintenance is convenient and quick, indoor maintenance is fast and safe. *Energy saving and environmental protection, without fan and air conditioning heat dissipation, than traditional LED display energy saving more than 40%.
*HK iClear Series Indoor Transparent Glass LED Display

HK iClear Series Indoor Transparent Glass LED Display-E25163

LL-FSKU Pixel Pitch Panel Size(mm) Panel Pixles Transparency Rate Panel Resolution Brightness Scan Price
HKiC-P5.2 5.2mm 1000*500 18432dots 65% 192*96 ≥5000nits 1/6 Login
HKiC-P6.2 6.25mm 1000*500 12800dots 70% 160*80 ≥5000nits 1/4 Login
HKiC-P8.9 8.9mm 1000*500 6272dots 79% 112*56 ≥4800nits 1/4 Login
HKiC-P10.4 10.4mm 1000*1000 9216dots 86% 96*96 ≥4200nits 1/6 Login
HKiC-P12.5 12.5mm 1000*1000 6400dots 86% 80*80 ≥4200nits 1/3 Login
HKiC-P15.6 15.6mm 1000*1000 4096dots 92% 64*64 ≥6000nits 1/1 Login