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Get Started Now Our specialist will get back to you within 1 working day! - 1Meter (3.3ft) V01/V02 LED Aluminum Channel Only

SKU: L29055983
  • Finish:Silver
Individual Parameters:
*120g/Meter Aluminum
*Thick Texture
*Fine Aluminum Oxidation Surface
*Good Heat Dissipation
*Not Easily Deformed
Rating & Certification:



Comment by Product Specialist( This LED Aluminum Channel using enough aluminum for channel,price just a little higher, but more sturdy and durable. We recommend this version! )
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Shape Style Length Inner W*H Outer W*H Channel Material
V-Shape V01 1.0M 12*12MM 16*16MM Extruded Aluminum

Configuration: V-Shape
Channel: Extruded aluminum
Height: 0.63inch (16mm)
Width: 0.63inch (16mm)
Inner diameter: 0.47inch
Max. LED strip width: 12mm

Packages Include:
1x 1M-PACK Includes:
1x 1M Aluminum Channel