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Get Started Now Our specialist will get back to you within 1 working day! - 1M(3.28FT) 17.9MM*9.7MM Ceiling Mounted LED Aluminum Profile with Arch Cover for LED Rigid Strip Lighting System

SKU: L03024271
  • Cover:Milky White
Individual Parameters:
* Made of anodized aluminum,
* An LED strip can be installed in its interior hollow, giving the profile a double functionality
* In small/regular size, is recommended for making low power LED Rigid Strip Lighting;
* With PC Lens in Milky White,when lit on, it produces an smooth lighting effect;
* With mounting accessories included, a complete system.
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Outer W*H Length Channel Material Cover Material Finish color Mounting method Cover Shape
17.9MM*9.7MM 1.0M Anodized Aluminum PC Silver Grey Surface Mounting Arched