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LED Sign Panel Screen

the D Plus Series LED Sign Screen Panel can reavel smooth and excellent visual experience ,which can catch peopel’s attention ,thus improve the propaganda effective.The small pixel pitch ranges from P1.875 | P2 | P2.5| P3.91| P4.91 |P5.91 also make D Plus Serirs can be widly applyed in many fields, such as conference,bobbies,retail store,shopping mall, store sign ,etc. Based on brightness and water-proof , D Plus Series LED Sign Screen Panel can be uesd both in indoor and outdoor environment:Indoor with 800nits, and rated in IP40/IP20; Outdoor with 5000nits, and rated in IP65/IP40.

The thickness of D Plus Series LED Sign Screen Panel is only 42mm, which means more installation space will be saved and easier on your mounting structures. And the D Plus Series LED Sign Screen Panel can cojoin to big or diversitifed arts, making display more interesting, setup and teardown also will go from hours to minutes ,which makes DIY installation accessible.

On the other hand, due to the felxible nature, D Plus Series LED Sign Screen Panelis support the right angle, corner angle & curved screen, to make different shapes. The multiple size options include 1000x250 | 750x250 |960x240 | 760x240 | 480x240 | helps it fit for most of need .What’s more,because of Rear & Front Maintenace accessible, this system is easy to affix to most wall surfaces.

Here we afford 3 kinds of the D Plus Series LED Sign Screen Panel,which are the D Plus Serise, D-S Plus Series and D-H Plus Series. These three series products do have different nature and suitable applicable fields, so you should pick the goods accroding to you needs . and the main differernce is  the D and D-S series are suitable to indoor environment and the D-H series are suitable to outdoor environment .