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Indoor SMD LED Display Module

For LED Display Screen Project Contractor or DIY, you can order all materials here according to your requirement, For different markets and applications, the price of the LED Module is also very different. For detail, please check here.
So we classify the LED module, according to the alignment of their price & quality to match, it will be divided into two parts as described below.
Premium: Top, the quality is fully guaranteed, on behalf of the LED Chip brand, there will be lots of suppliers like NATIONSTAR, no matter what kind of brand chip we are going to adopt or meet their specs finally, they are going to be made into your products for presentation, meanwhile, for better power reliability, Meanwell CE UL Certificated power supply will meet everything.
Standard: Average, the price is a bit lower than premium classification, for the special application of the products in the market trending, on behalf of the LED Chip brand Kinglight, the layout of inside, function in details to be improved, normally CE certificated power supply.
Customize Your LED Display Screen
We can custom-make the LED display screen to request, only if you tell us your need, we will provide you a complete solution with quote. Please contact us.

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