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3D LED Hologram Fan Display

3D Holographic visual product is a kind of display machine that uses the persistence of vision(POV) technology. A belt composed of high-density LED lights spins at high speed, thus making the image vivid and tridimensional. This equipment has such characters like low power consumption, high attractiveness, portability, high cost performance and etc. It is widely applied in exhibition, market promotions, shopping centers, cinemas, subways, airports, hotels and other high-traffic areas.
*Low power consumption *Longevity: continuously running for more than 50000h *Support wifi, internet, remote-editing and remote-control, cloud control
3D hologram fan product diameter includes 42cm,43cm,50cm,65cm,100cm size for your choice.Models include: SD: SD Card update WF: WiFi Control WFC: WiFi&Cloud Control 50H: 50cm Higer Version 65X: 65cm "X" Style X/D/S: No cover / round / square cover If you don't find what you want, please click on the consultation service to tell us what you need and your requirements, our experts will reply you within 1 working day!