INQUIRY: Need ultra wide LCD display , 2 meter length and 0.5 meter height , indoor


For your need "ultra wide LCD display 2 meter length and 0.5 meter height", there is a product just matched.

The LG 88.0” Stretch TFT LCD, please find attached the specification sheet for this product.

But before I quote on this product (it costs quite a lot), I would like to provide another solution, the Small Pitch LED display screen.

This is our main and advanced products and we can provide competitive prices.

For a 2x0.5M indoor display, can use our INDOOR HD SMALL PIXEL PITCH LED DISPLAY SCREEN
For more information, please find at page:

Also attached please find a specification sheet.

For this HD small pixel pitch LED display screen, we have P1.25, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P1.9, P2.0 for selection.
All those models, people stand 2 meters away from the screen can have a clear visual.
But the smaller the pitch, the more pixel dot the screen have, so the picture/video play out has the higher HD (high definition).

A big small pixel pitch LED display screen can be combined by several units of LED display screen cabinet.


I'd like to list all those models the prices for your project, so you can compare and make decision according to your budget.

BWT, Please find the video ( for a P2.5mm display screen we just finished in our factory for our USA customer.
This one is in size: 4050mmx1920mm, use 36pcs of the cabinet.
And I also ask our engineer for your size 2000mmx50mm display screen, the size is smaller, need to use the HD small pitch cabinet.