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T6R4 Single Color Changing 12-24V Low Voltage LED Controller

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1. Automatically adapt to LED light which works from DC12V-24V.

2. The receiver can implement features such as dimming, RGBW and color temperature control.

3. Using RF remote control, the wireless signal is with strong penetrating power, no limited to direction or obstacles, and can control the multi function of ON/OFF, pause, change mode, brightness and speed, etc.

4.10 strobe & fade change mode, with 4096 grey scales per channel, led lamp is more rich and vivid without flash.
Datasheet Downlaod
Control Method Fixture Type Control Distance Max Power Max Current Weight (G.W.) Zone Controlling Controller Dimension
Touch Inductive Remote+Controller 40-50M 240W(12V)/480W(24V) 5A*4CH 185g YES 176*46*30mm
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