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Get Started Now Our specialist will get back to you within 1 working day! - Hard LED Grow Light Strip with Full Spectrum LEDs, 36W IP65 Waterproof Dimmable LED Plant Grow Light Bar for Germination, Growth and Flowering, with 12V/3A Power Supply, Set of 3, All in Kit

SKU: L04254440
  • Color:Full Spectrum
Individual Parameters:
LED grow light could produce lights of all kinds of wavelengths(400nm-800nm) that plants need.
Lights of wavelengths between 400nm-520nm and 610nm-720nm are highly demand in most stages.
Lights of wavelengths between 720nm-800nm could accelerate sprouting of seeds and flowering of plants.
No matter your plants are in sprouting, growing or blossoming, it could always provide a suitable brightness for your plants.
It's time to take the sweetheart of plants home!
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Comment by Product Specialist( All you need to do is press "SPEED -" and "SPEED +" at the same time for several seconds. The light would quickly flash for three times, that means the remote controller has made a connection with the LED Controller again. Then you could use the remote controller to control the light again. If those above steps could not solve your problem. Then it's time to tell us about the problem, we would send you a replacement. )
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PCB Background Wattage Protection Grade Length Light Color Strip Kit Type Voltage
White 36W IP65 3*16.96in 400nm-800nm LED Grow Light AC100-240V
  • Apply to Most Plants: This full spectrum LED grow light produces lights of all kinds of wavelengths plants need in sprouting, growing and blossoming, just like the sun! Suitable for most plants, don't need to think about which wavelength of lights would fit your plants, this grows light will solve this problem for you.
  • More Effective Than Red and Blue Mixed Light: Produces all wavelengths of lights(400nm-800nm). Not only produces the lights of 400nm-520nm and 610nm-720nm wavelengths that plants need most, but also produces IR lights(720nm-800nm) which could accelerate sprouting of seeds and flowering of plants. More effective than red and blue mixed light during the same lighting time.
  • Dimmable with High Brightness: Each hard grow strip light includes 30 powerful LEDs, provide enough brightness! The remote controller has 10 brightness levels from 10% to 100%(10% as a level), meeting the daily needs of plants. Control range of remote controller is 32 yd, which means you could adjust the brightness level and turn it on/off without leaving your work.
  • Easy to Install: Just simply stick the hard grow light strips under somewhere you want, then plug them together, then you could start enjoying culturing your plant!
  • Wide Application: Used as plant growth supplementary lighting. Widely used in the vegetable greenhouse, vegetables, and fruits, floriculture, propagation, city farming. 1-year warranty.