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Get Started Now Our specialist will get back to you within 1 working day! - 1 to 5 Splitter, DC Jack (5.5x2.1mm) Male to Female Splitter Connector

SKU: L47278458
  • Finish Color:Black
Individual Parameters:
* Widely Applications--- For 5V 12 V 24 V dc Volt Power Supply, CCTV Cable Connection, LED Strip Extention, Video Balun, Security Camera, DIY Board
* Easy to Use---Easy installation with DC Jack plugin;
* Highly Quality Material---The coating is PVC and the wire is Copper.
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Comment by Product Specialist( * Nice Choice for DIY or Quick Connection * Plug and Play * Wide working voltage )
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Wire Length Rated Current Wire Gauge Rated Voltage DC Jack Type
11.8in(300mm) 5Amp 22AWG 0-24VDC DC5.5x2.1mm DC Female/Male Distributor