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Get Started Now Our specialist will get back to you within 1 working day! - P1.25 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display Module 200*150mm SMD0808 800cd/㎡ Brightness 3840Hz High Refresh Frequency

SKU: L48168410
  • Version:Standard
Individual Parameters:
*Pixel Pitch: 1.25(MM)
*Module Size: 200*150(MM)
*Module Resolution: 160*120
*24 Months Warranty
*Shipping Weight: 0.47(KG)
*Packing Size: 21 * 16 * 2.45(CM)
Rating & Certification:



Comment by Product Specialist( High definition display module is always consisting of the entity for perfect viewing experience, operating under the accurate stats and procedure, ensure the precision of each parts )
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Pixel Pitch Module Size Module Resolution Module Pixles Scan Pixel Density Viewing Distance Brightness LED Type
1.25mm 200*150mm 160*120 19200dots 1/30 640000dots/㎡ >1.2m ≥800cd/㎡ SMD1010

What is a typical small pixel pitch measurement?  Less than 2mm as we defined right here.

What else to define about small pixel pitch?

If you have learned a lot about industry, to know more in depth, we'll recommend you to read more about other aspects like scan, grey level, color uniformity.