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Get Started Now Our specialist will get back to you within 1 working day! - Samsung 55inch 1.7mm Bezel Size 700cd/m² Brightness Muti-display In One Screen Video Wall

SKU: L41239171
  • Version:Standard
Individual Parameters:
*LCD Screen Size: 55inch
*Bezel Size: 1.7mm
*Brightness: 700cd/m²
*LCD Panel Brand: Samsung
*Packing Size: 1310*815*340mm
*Warranty: 48months
Rating & Certification:



Comment by Product Specialist( Before make a determination of what type of LCD video wall you want it to do, realize the parameters about them carefully )
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Size Brightness Bezel Size LCD Screen Size LCD Panel Brand Resolution Active Display Area LCD Panel Model Contrast Rate
1211.6×682.4×125.5 mm 700cd/㎡ 1.7mm 55inch Samsung 1920*1080P 1213.5×684.3 mm (H×V) LTI550HN14 4000: 1