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SKU: L49266521
  • Version:Standard
Individual Parameters:
* 32 sets RGB output
* One single card can load maximum 192K pixels
* Input image gray level support 8/10 bit two modes
* High refresh frequency, brightness, grey level for general ICs
* Dual ethernet cable accessing backup
* Support intelligent module
* Support monitoring ambientl environment
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Comment by Product Specialist( Mooncell has been developing the technologies about their products all the time, and focus especially their strength like receiving card )
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Remarks Loading Capacity Input Interface Product Type Brand Model Sync/Async Parallel Output Size(L*W*H) Output Interface Output Interface Qty.
120FCI: 2 Channel 192,000 Pixels Custom Receiving Card Mooncell M-A10S Synchronous 32 Groups 80*45*16mm Custom 120FCI: 2 Channel