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NovaStar Synchronous Armor Receiving Card A8

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* A single card supports 256×256 pixels
* A single card supports parallel output of 32-group RGB signal
* A single card supports output of 64-group serial data
* Integrated network transformer to simplify the design for users
* Support various hot backups such as loop backup, dual card backup, dual power backup etc. and seamless switching
* Support dual backup of display parameters
* Support module Flash management and allows for the storage of calibration coefficients and module information
* Support applying module Flash calibration coefficients through one-click
* Support Clear view
* In conjunction with advanced control system and supports random angle rotation
* Support 18bit+grayscale output
* Support smart module with the functions of storing and managing information like calibration coefficients, module information, module parameters etc. as well as flat cable detection and LED pixel-by-pixel error detection without the need for monitoring card
* Support LCD Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
* Support Mapping, Enable the function and the serial number of current cabinet and its connected Ethernet port number will be displayed
* Support monitoring of temperature, supply voltage, and network communication status
* Support pixel-by-pixel brightness/chroma calibration
* Support backup of double calibration coefficients
* Support module ID
* Support pre-storing picture settings
* Support configuration file readback
* Support firmware program backup and readback
* With specific EMC design to effectively reduce electromagnetic radiation
Size(L*W*H) Model Brand Product Type Sync/Async Loading Capacity Parallel Output Remarks Input Interface Output Interface
67.6*38.9*6.1mm A8 NovaStar Armor Receiving Card Synchronous 65536 Pixels 32 Groups N/A DDR3 DDR3
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