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8 Input & 16 Output DVI Signal LCD Video Wall Matrix Controller

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*Signal Type: DVI
*Number of Input signals: 8
*Number of Output signals: 16
*Bandwidth: 165MHZ,All-Digital
*Agreement: DVI-D all digital T.M.D.S signal in the DVI 1 specification
*max resolution: 1920x1200P@ 60_24bit
*switch speed: 200ms
*Sound signal: 2-16 bit 3.8mm bolt screw interface
*Serial control interface: RS-232, 9- pin D interface
*Baud rate and agreement: 9600,data bit:8 bit,stop bit:1,no parity check bit;
*Power supply format: 100VAC ~ 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
*Average fault interval time: 30000 hours
*Warranty: 1 years of free warranty, life-long maintenance
*Size: 480*300*285mm
*Weigth: 4.2 Kg
*Packing Size: 580*400*385mm
Signal Type Input Interface Qty. Output Interface Qty. Bandwidth Power Consumption Power Supply Format Size
DVI 8 16 165MHZ,All-Digital N/A AC100~240V;50/60Hz 480*300*285mm
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